We collect animal waste from all
three ASP categories:

Category 1

residues dangerous
for health

Category 2

residues that might be dangerous
for health

Category 3

residues non-dangerous
for health

  • Animal material, which we received from the client, we transport to our intermediate facility, where we store it under an adequate temperature regime.

  • If the ASP was in the packaging, in the intermediate facility we separate the raw material from the packaging (foil, paper …) which we transport to the operator authorized for the destroying inorganic waste.

  • We also destroy the raw material, or process it in case the competent person has assessed that the collected material is safe for animal nutrition.

  • The assessment of the degree of risk, depending on the situation, is performed by us, or the client, inspection or veterinary officer.

  • After processing, the collected animal material gets a new value (animal nutrition, compost etc.).

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We possess all required working licences decision from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and from Ministry of Environmental Protection for the collection, processing and harmless disposal of animal secondary products of categories 1, 2 and 3 (we are registered under the veterinary control number RS 47-084).