Disposal of wastewater (sludge) and waste vegetable oil



Waste sludge generated in industrial wastewater processing can have great harmful consequences for the soil, flora, fauna and humans. That is why it is a legal obligation of every legal entity, which produces waste sludge with its activity, to adequately dispose it.

The procedure of collection, transport and disposal of this type of waste is very restrictive, and therefore special permits and experience are required to perform this activity. For that reason we are here to do this job for you professionally. We will transport the waste sludge that you gave us in accordance with the law and ADR regulations, after which it will be finally disposed (destroyed in the compost field or additionally cleaned for re-use).



Also, we collect, transport and finally dispose vegetable oil (residues from processing in oil mills, expired or out-of-standard products, etc.). In accordance with the legal regulations, waste oil is destroyed or processed in order to gain a new use value.