Alex Product was founded in 2014 in Kraljevo, , as a raw leather purchasing company. Three years later, we expanded our business to the area of ​​harmless handling of animal secondary products (ASP) in all three categories, which became the focus of our business. In 2019, we started collection and transport of non-hazardous waste→.

We really take car that animal waste, generated in different production facilities, retail chains, farms and other food businesses is disposed according to legal requirements. This way, we decrease environmental pollution and contribute to a healthier living environment, which the survival of us all depends on.


Alex Product

our vehicle park

Our vehicle park consists of:

  • 3 cold storage trucks with a capacity of 5,500 up to 7,500 kg – possibly carrying 14 to 18 pallets (Euro pallet 1200 × 800)
  • 3 cold storage vans with a capacity of 1,800 kg
  • 1 wastewater collection truck with a capacity of 15 cubic meters

trained workforce

We employ a trained workforce in order to provide our clients prompt, high quality service, which is in line with our mission. That fact is confirmed by the large number of business partners whom we cooperate with, throughout Serbia.